A new competition from CLS Media Company and childrens’ magazine “PoniMashka”!

Has your kid already watched the animation series “Duda&Dada” on TV Channel “Karousel”?

CLS Media Company and magazine «PoniMashka» present a creative competition for all fans of the animation about a little lovely mole and his brave girlfriend. Look for the new 29th edition of “PoniMashka” on sale from August 5th and take part in the drawing competition. Winners will get awards – a plush little mole Duda and sets of three-dimensional carton toys.   

“PoniMashka” is an educational magazine for pre-schoolers, that is for the children from 3 to 7. The materials are given in the form of games and help to prepare to the school.  With the help of tasks kids train their skills of counting, writing, motility and develop logic and thinking.

“Duda&Dada”. Big adventures of little discoverers!

Duda is a little mole. Dada is a curious girl. Together they explore the world around them and discover the secrets of Unknown Forest. Dada travels a lot in her universal camping car around the world. Duda dreams of becoming the first mole-explorer and traveler in the world.